2nd Meridian Training

Last Updated 18th September 2020

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The course has been restructured to ensure conformance with the CEPT Regulations which govern the way the course is presented and examined.

Cost £90.00

Option 1 (Click for detail)

The course will be available as a one day 7 hour course which has a pre-course, 3 hour, student preparation at home requirement. Material will be forwarded by email or post prior to the course including a copy of G31.

Option 2 (Click for detail)

Alternatively you can buy and use the e-learning program to work through at your own pace, this results in a completion certificate with which you book your test.

EXAM (Click for detail)

All candidates after Option 1 or 2  must book and then take a written and practical test with an SRC Assessor who has not been involved in your direct training.

Exam & Certificate Fee £60 payable to the RYA.

The NEW Course will require students to anticipate the need earlier and plan in conjunction with the centre, training and testing.

As from February 2018 the administration of Exam Fees will change. You will be required to pay the fee before your test to the RYA and demonstrate this to the examiner.

Books to support this Course